Studio DelfĂ­n offers individual and group consultations integrating different approaches of eastern medicine. Through varying schemes of therapeutic conversation.

Dr. Tomáš Morava
I have gained my experience working  as a general practitioner and internist for ten years focusing on psychosomatic relationships. I graduated from an institute of traditional chinese medicine in the field of fytotherapy. I combine my interdisciplinary experiences of homeopathy and psychotherapy, believing that causation of diseases is not only by the presence of viruses and germs in an organism.
Since founding Studio Delfín in 2002, I have systematically focused on constitutional homeopathy (I am a member of Česká lékařská homeopatická společnost). I perceive homeopathy as a gestalt psychotherapeutic method of healing.
In addition to Studio DelfĂ­n I have been running my own medical GP office since 2003, where I connect western and eastern medical approaches.

We offer individual and group consultations.

From among our services falls a constitutional homeopathy, which is a suitable solution for disturbed balance of mind (such as insomnia, anxiety, phobia, depression, assorted dependences, etc.), allergy, autoimmune disease, chronic migraines, eczemas, emmeniopathy, metabolic derangements (hypertension), oncology diseases or for all recurrent or chronic illnesses.

Psychotherapy is a good solution for:

1. individuals who choose therapy with no homeopathy remedies,
2. those who don't have their own psychotherapist and need more consultation,
3. to all needing to solve partnership or other relationship issues,
4. those  interested in assertive training.

Symbolon - reading with the Symbolon cards is intended for:

1. those interested in  understanding their dreams, to find deeper causes of our own  mental conditions (elsewhere than the outside world),
2. for those who don’t only focus on the reduction of existing symptoms in terms of psychotherapeutic processes.

Fytotherapy - traditional chinese medicine is a great solution for:

1. chronic illness,
2. those in health and medical recovery,
3. functional diseases (e.g. slow digestion),
4. women suffering from emmeniopathy,
5. elderly with memory retention problems,
6. those who suffer from insomnia caused by fear,
7. drug dependency.

Aromatherapy gently and effectively treats physical difficulties, calms the mind, soothes and heals skin disease, acts as a substitute for synthetic massage body lotions, body cleansers or cosmetics and  is suitable during pregnancy.

Healing method using herbs from Peru is intended for prevention, and healing of tumors, stimulation of the immune system, decreasing  cholesterol level and blood pressure, healing of skin diseases and allergies, and  is effective for healing sinusitis and other cavity inflammations, etc.

It is possible to combine therapies and in some situations use other methods. A good example is a dietetic consultancy, for instance macrobiotics.

Group therapy includes reiki, energy work and chacra healing. Induction to reiki is meant for anyone who intuitively feels divine or else named energy from above and wants to work on a cleaner, consciousness and intensive connection on this powerful energy source. This leads to balance of inner emanation and self presentation and a better way to relate to other people, e.g. therapists, doctors and healers, masseurs, generally to all who communicates with other people within their work.

Seminars according to Angel´s range are only meant for invited people, seminars are about meditations and spiritual experiments, more information on studio.delfin@centrum.cz.

Information for new clients

Due to full capacity of our Studio DelfĂ­n, we cannot accept new clients at least till the end of June 2009. However, we ask interested persons to send us a brief description of their problems at studio.delfin@centrum.cz. All applicants will be contacted.
We offer a free 30 minutes consultation on probation for all new clients. You can try for yourself whether you would like to take part in homeopathy.

Price list

Opening consultation 1000 Kc / 2 hrs
Following consultations 500 Kc / 1 hr
Herbal healing or aromatherapy 250 Kc / 30 min + 50 % advance payment on herbs and oils
Symbolon 750 Kc / 90 min

Studio DelfĂ­n
Buchovcova 8, 130 00 Prague 3, basement
Dr. Tomáš Morava
make an appointment: studio.delfin@centrum.cz
queries, re-orders: Mo 3-4 pm, Thu 10-11 am (Štěpánka Moravová)
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